Friday, January 14, 2005

Linear Bearings from Riverhawk

Free-Flex Flexural Pivots from Riverhawk: "Flex Pivots / Flexural Pivots:
A unique bearing concept for applications with limited angular travel."

Linear bearings and Flex bearings

One of the new products in the Utica, New York area is the linear bearing or pivot bearing manufactured by Riverhawk Company. It is actually an old product for the Mohawk Valley as the New Hartford-based company bought the product line and hired the eingineering staff from Lucas Aerospace located at the Rome, NY Griffiss Technology Park.

What is unique about this bearing is that it is ideal for applications of limited rotation. The bearing requires no lubrication and allows infinite cycles when the application is limited to 60 degrees (+/- 30). More information is available at www.flexpivots.com


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