Thursday, April 14, 2005

District 65 Toastmasters Web Page

District 65 Toastmasters Web Page: "

Twice a year, District 65 puts together educational and entertaining conferences where the best of the best give us tips for better thinking, listening, speaking, and leadership skills. Also, conferences are the final battle grounds to see who will be the District 65 Speech Contest Champions. "

All four Toastmaster clubs in the Utica/Rome area are part of the a greater organizational structure of Toastmaster, International. All four clubs are part of an area, different areas comprise a full division, and the divisions make up District 65 that covers New York State.

What is remarkable is that this organization structure focuses on benefiting each member, maximizing the opportunity for each member to improve his or her communication skills. Every person from the division is a resource- the Roman orators club certainly experienced that with the superb assistance when they chartered their club!

One resource the district provides is its annual spring conference on April 29-30 where educational sessions on improving communication skills are scheduled. Mohawk Valley Toastmasters are lucky to have a great resource on parliamentary procedure that in fact will be doing one of these educational sessions. Her name is Linda Juteau and she is an expert on Robert’s Rules of Order. This shows the value that a resource from one club is shared to the great benefit of all the clubs.

Come to the conference and enjoy learning how to communicate more effectively. One highlight from the conference is a speech contest where the best of the best from each division compete on a 5-7 minute speech. If you are looking at benchmarking great speakers, this conference is the place.



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