Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Notre Dame Club of Mohawk Valley -- Home Page -- ndmv.org

Notre Dame Club of Mohawk Valley -- Home Page -- ndmv.org

On Friday I had the pleasure of attending the Universal Notre Dame night for the Mohawk Valley club. These events are always enjoyable for me as the club has some great members and we talk about Notre Dame for three hours. One person’s paradise is another person’s heck.

The speaker of the evening was Joe Russo who is in charge of financial aid at Notre Dame. Not only did he provide the pulse of the University citing its philosophies and growth, he also addressed issues that have made national news over the past six months. The recent change in coaching in for the football team was a public relations nightmare for Notre Dame but he provide a good explanation. Joe is also discussed the advantages of 529 saving plans.

One of the pleasures was also meeting Joe’s mom who is 94 and lives two hours away in Geneva. By bringing her to the dinner, he was able to spend the traveling time with her on Mother Day’s weekend. She was fascinating talking about all three of her sons as well as her specialty meals that included mustard greens. The giant poster of Chuck Mangione captured her attention as she talked about Joe’s brother as a musician knew him well.


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