Thursday, May 25, 2006

Corperate Internet Branding

Is Corperate Internet Branding a valid phrase?

Many people consider misspelling on corporate ( or in this case corperate) web sites to be unacceptable and unprofessional.

Yet misspellings such as "corperate internet branding" tend to catch the eye. It interrupts your train of thought and you look at the page differently.

- A local lumber company, Jay-K, put up a 3-D highway sign that looked like there was person on a ladder putting the sign. It was actually a mannequin but some people thought it was a man stuck on the sign. Jay-K now has a 3-D highway sign that also catches your eye. It is brilliant marketing strategy... if you are looking for great quality lumber, this is an excellent source of wood.

The only people that are going to see that sign are the people driving down Utica's Arterial. By placing eye catching information on a web page, you get exposure to a worldwide market. What is remarkable is that over 200 people a day according to one estimate type corperate internet branding by mistake into the search engines.

Corperate Internet Marketing- Effective marketing or unacceptable? Let me know. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts.


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