Wednesday, May 03, 2006

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One of the premier events in the Utica area is the annual 15K road race held in July. It is amazing how the whole community supports this weekend from the Observer Dispatch newspaper to Saranac Brewery to Utica Boilers.

In the past, I ran this race that is the largest 15k race in the country. There is particularly torturous hill at the three mile mark that was my nemesis. Now as a spectator, I enjoy the weeklong activities that surround the event including the huge party at Saranac Brewery at the end of the race.

In the Observer Dispatch today, they mentioned the blog of a reporter who is training for his first Boilermaker. In the May 2, 2006 entry, he talks about the side splits he suffered around the three mile mark. Though I am confident that he will do well at the race, hearing the struggles and triumphs over time is fascinating.For more information on the Boilermaker, visit their website at http://www.uticaboilermaker.com/.


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