Thursday, June 22, 2006

Figurative Abstract Art Sculpture

Figurative Abstract Art Sculpture

Sculpture Space 30th Dinner

I was in attendance of the 30th Anniversary Dinner celebrating Sculpture Space. Honored as part of this program were Charlie Fisher of BGM Supply as well as founders Richard Friedberg and John von Bergen. Also honored were Duffy Matt and Joe Corasanti for their significant community support over the years.

From their website ( www.sculpturespace.org):

Sculpture Space is unique in North America for its service to sculptors and the individual support given to artists who come to Utica, NY to make new work. The program currently selects 20 artists per year for two month residencies, and has helped advance the careers of over 400 national and international artists since 1976.

I had the chance to talk with two of the artists who graduated from the residency program that now live in Albany, NY. Joanne described how she used different materials and how the different elements came together in the final sculpture. I could just see the joy she receives from her work.

Exhibits of the work included figurative sculptures in aluminum foil and a steel sculpture that was for sale at the front of the banquet.


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