Friday, June 16, 2006

Parents Views of Inclusion

The Family Nurturing Center

Parents Views of Inclusion

Just attended the 15th Annual Family the Year Dinner last night recognizing families from the Central New York area.

The back of the program has a quote from Erich Fromm, " Unconditional love corresponds to one of hte deepest longings, not only for the child but of every human being.

The Family of the Year, The Greers, take this one step further as they provide unconditional love not only for their children but even to other people's children. The Greers provide shelter and advice to runaway and homeless teenagers As mentioned at the dinner, this family is literally a lifeline for youth in crisis situations.

What was impressive about this dinner is the inspiring influence of the nominated families to the other people in the audience. One night a year we recognized them for their outstanding dedication and love- we grow by hearing their stories.


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