Friday, July 14, 2006

Downtown Revitalization Action Plan

Downtown Revitalization Action Plan ( link to Mohawk Valley EDGE Quality of life page)

Downtown Revitalization Action Plan

Economic Revitalization for the Mohawk Valley including Downtown Rome and Utica has been important to me since returning to the area in 1995. After losing Griffiss Air Force Base and GE/Lockheed Martin, the Mohawk Valley lost more people in the country according to the 2000 census than anywhere else in the country.

-In 1998, I worked on a package with Mohawk Valley EDGE to provide training to local solder operators using a specific grant package.

This week I attended meetings of two organizations that are providing strong support for revitalization completing EDGE's efforts:

Breakthrough CNY on Monday. Breakthrough CNY focuses on aligning efforts by workshop training so we have more better conversations of hope and possibility of the future of the Mohawk Valley. Conversations are used to energize people about this area rather than continue the same complaints from the loss of major industries in the 90's. Often when I read the paper, it seemed to me the greatest barrier to economic revitalization is ourselves. Breakthrough CNY addresses this barrier head-on.

The Genesis Group on Tuesday specifically for the Technology Committee lead by Dr. Gerry Capraro. This group met at Tiny's to examine technology upgrades to revitalize the area detailed by an action plan. The technology committee is but one of several efforts of Genesis including groups for Young Professionals, Tourism, and the Ambassador Program.

-A third effort is FUSE2006 mentioned at the Genesis Techology meeting that is using July and September conferences for "Accelerating Technology Enabled Business Growth in Central/ Upstate NY.

What I like about the above efforts is the proactive plans for each group. I am of the mindset similar to a keychain that said "Pray to God but Row to Shore." We now not only talk about revitalizing the economy but are taking specific actions.


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