Friday, July 21, 2006

Dr Lasky's Blog Cited as Effective Corporate Blogging Example.

Dr. Lasky's Blog

Earlier today I received a Fedex package with Debbie Weil's book, " The Corporate Blogging Book- Absolutely Everything you Need to Know to Get It Right."

As I was reading the book, on page 18-19, she discusses Fortune 500 companies that do corporate blogging. On page 20, she mentions small to medium size companies that do corporate blogging well mentioning Dr Lasky's blog on the Indium website. Indium has two local plants in Utica and Clinton, New York.

Indium corporation manufactures indium products such as indium tin oxide ( for aerospace applications) and lead free solder products. Lead free solder is important due to RoHs restrictions on using lead solder paste.

- Through Dr. Lasky's blog, he discusses the ramifications of the transition to lead free solder.

PS. As an aside, I have Debbie Weil's website on my.yahoo.com RSS feed. What is nice is that when http://www.blogwriteforceos.com/blogwrite/ is updated, my.yahoo.com automatically shows the headline and a quick summary. On her blog page, she has Rick Short's Indium blog as a link.


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