Monday, August 28, 2006

Wood Pellet Mills In United States

Recently my wife and I put in a purchase offer for a house in Herkimer County. The house, over 130 years old, has oil for heat in the original structure but electric in the new addition. To combat the higher fuel costs expected this winter, we are taking a look at a wood pellet stove.

Yet so are many other people as the demand for wood pellets last year was high. Manufacturing capacity had been reached due to this demand with the possibility of a shortage ( Pellet Shortage is expected to last all winter - December 2005.

New England Wood Pellet is expanding their manufacturing and storage operations to Frankfort, NY in a new 72,500 square foot facility. Looks like a great industry coming to Herkimer County at the right time. Upstate NY Blog referencing an Observer Dispatch article also in July.


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