Monday, September 18, 2006

Accent On Excellence

Mohawk Valley Accent On Excellence

Observer Dispatch provided major coverage to the latest 2006 winners of the Mohawk Valley Accent on Excellence awards touting the top ten people under 40 in the area.
Once again, the list of winners is quite impressive.

One negative is the lack of engineers on this list. Last year in fact produce two engineers but overall the number of engineers/technical people that have won since 2000 is surprising low.

This is not an indictment of the program but may be a reflection of the Mohawk Valley loss of engineering and manufacturing personnel in the last twenty years. Technical people who have won have predominantly been from the Air Force Research Laboratory ( where top notch engineering is being done) or the President of a technology company.

I look at this as a leadership concern as the Mohawk Valley is either not generating or recognizing young technical talent in the area. The latter is not as much of a concern-individuals tend to enjoy the intrinsic value of the technical challenges and may be uncomfortable with recognition.

Not generating young engineering talent is serious. The local colleges are showing a dropoff in technical programs and there are less jobs in the area to support the graduates. Professional technical societies are struggling.

What is the answer? We will know in the next decade by either the growth or the decay of technology based companies in the area.


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