Friday, October 27, 2006

"4-H Head Heart Hands And My Health To Better Living"

"4-H Head Heart Hands And My Health To Better Living"

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Dinner for the Cornell Cooperative Extension -Oneida County.

Earlier this year I had conducted a Toastmaster Public Speaking Youth Leadership Program over a six week period. The program was conducted for their full time staff members, parents and kids. It was a complete pleasure to work with everyone involved- even the other instructors remarked how uplifting it was to work with such fantastic people. The parents gave phenomenal support to the kids and were an active part of the class.

- Why 4-H at this time? It was truly due to the dedication of Lynette Kay as Program Coordinator who made it happen. It was the culmination of a six month effort on her part where she went to breakfast and a Toastmaster dinner to promote the idea. Lynette said it was part of her job description but she went well beyond any job description to make the event happen.

What is great about this extension is Lynette is typical of the dedication for the staff and volunteers for 4-H.

Last night the NYS Commissioner of Agriculture, Patrick Brennan, spoke about the contribution of farming to a local community in economic development.

As a final thought, I remember a lecture from Stephen Covey years ago. He stated that if we run our businesses as effectively as farmers ran their farms, we have more successful businesses. He then played a ten minute videotape where a farmer just talked about what he did- it was an excellent metaphor for businesses.


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