Friday, October 13, 2006

Griffiss Air Force Base

"Why the Thruway Still Touts Griffiss AFB"

One of those pet peeves I have is that we still have a sign for Griffiss Air Force Base, a base that has been closed for over a decade.

If you are driving west from Utica to Westmoreland, a large sign touts Exit 32 for Griffiss AFB and Oneida County Airport. I have always thought that there are probably two better, more current attractions to advertise such as the Air Force Research Laboratory or Fort Stanwix or Oriskany Battlefield. To me, I thought it was just not putting the best foot forward for the Mohawk Valley.

Today's organization is the New York State Thruway who recently faxed me the reason the sign is still there. I understand the logic from the New York State Manual of Traffic Control Devices stating that destinations such as the Griffiss Business and Technology Park are not eligible for these destinations signing.

The decision has been to leave the sign in place until it needed replacing. It is now 15 years old and is slated to replaced with a sign noting the Oneida County Airport and possibly Griffiss Tech Park.

I did find the people at the Thruway Authority very helpful to explain this situation. This post is more a reflection of how NYS works than the Thruway Authority personnel ( it is the system, not the people in the system).

PS. Did you realize there is a "Green Discount" for owners of certain hybrids that will provide an additional 10% off Thruway fees. I know someone who just took advantage of that today. Here is the link- www.nysthruway.gov/ezpass/greentag.html


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